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I Love My Ooni Pizza Oven & It’s on Sale (Make Wood-Fired Pizza in 90 Seconds!)

I Love My Ooni Pizza Oven & It’s on Sale (Make Wood-Fired Pizza in 90 Seconds!)

Here’s why my family and I love cooking with our Ooni Pizza Oven.

Love authentic wood-fired pizza? If so, listen up!

One of my favorite hobbies is making the most AWESOME pizza at home. We purchased this Ooni Karu portable wood-fired oven several months ago and have been enjoying the delicious 12-inch pizzas the Ooni bakes more than I ever imagined.

This oven could possibly be the best thing that came out of my family spending so much time at home, and it makes an incredible gift.

AND, through May 30th, you can head on over to Ooni.com where they are offering an extra 20% off sitewide + free shipping! That means you can grab my favorite oven, the Ooni Karu 12 Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven, for just $319.20 shipped (regularly $399)! Note that stock seems to be limited, so be sure to grab yours soon if you’re interested. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed – we use this ALL the time.

Our Ooni pizza oven bakes a chewy, perfectly melted pizza in just 90 seconds!

Can you even believe it? I know! The oven only takes about 20 minutes to heat up using small pieces of wood and it can reach up to 945 degrees. The Ooni is like pizza magic, and I am so all about it!

There’s no need to go to a fancy restaurant or spend thousands on a traditional pizza oven when you can have one of these for far less that makes incredible Neapolitan-style pizza!

Compact portable pizza ovens are where it’s at!

I love that it can easily fit on a tabletop outside or on an apartment balcony, and our Ooni Karu pizza oven only weighs about 25 pounds. You can purchase a handy cover with handles so it can easily travel with you anywhere and would be so fun to take camping, tailgating, or to a friend’s house!

Why did we pick an Ooni pizza oven?

After researching online for quite a while, Ooni is the pizza oven brand that kept popping up as one of the highest-rated by numerous online sources including Wired.com. They have a 3-year warranty when you register your oven and also offer free shipping on orders over $35 and free returns.

Speaking of returns, Ooni has their Great Pizza Guarantee! If you are not satisfied, they will gladly accept returns within a 60 day period.

I also want to mention that this post is not sponsored! I was so happy with this investment and wanted to share my new favorite cooking device with you all.

Ooni has different models to choose from ranging from $300-$800 depending on the size pizza it makes and the fuel source it requires, such as chunks of wood, wood pellets, charcoal, or gas. Go here to compare all the Ooni pizza oven models.

The 12-inch Karu model we own cooks with wood chunks or charcoal. We purchased small pieces of oak wood for burning in the Ooni from Amazon to make things easy and only use a few pieces for a batch of pizzas.

We have always been big fans of wood-fired pizza at restaurants and now we can make our own at home!

This is a legit wood-fired pizza that doesn’t take long to cook and is easy to do. We have done lots of pizza testing on our Ooni and I 100% think this was a great purchase. ? We overcooked and burned the very first pizza we tried and then quickly got the hang of it after that. My kids enjoy picking their own topping combinations and it can turn into a fun family activity.

In fact, it’s even a money-saving investment!

Our tab at our local wood-fired pizza place could easily be at least $60+ for my family. The Karu 12 pizza oven is currently on sale for $319.20 (regularly $399) so that means we’d have to use it just 5 times to come out ahead and that has already been accomplished.

My son and his buddy made homemade dough and then made their own pizzas for his birthday and they were so proud.

I have older kids who aren’t as enthusiastic for family time quite as much anymore ?, so this has become something we can do together, and my kids look forward to wood-fired pizza night.

Pizza dough is a whole topic unto itself, but don’t be intimidated by it!

You can go all-in by using this awesome wood-fired rustic pizza dough recipe I use with yeast and “00” Flour, or use your own favorite pizza dough recipe. Even easier, you can simply buy premade store-bought pizza dough.

The recipe I use is pretty straightforward and needs to proof and raise for a few hours, so I just plan ahead. Check out Trader Joe’s for pizza dough as that one is my favorite store-bought option.

Pizza ovens aren’t limited to cooking just pizza!

By using cast iron pans, you can essentially use it like any other oven to cook things quickly at high temps. There are a ton of pizza, meat, fish, and dessert pizzas recipes on Ooni.com, and there’s also a large Ooni Facebook community that shares helpful ideas and tips.

Check out this awesome wood-fired steak and veggies recipe we made the other night using the Ooni pizza oven! It was one of the best steaks I have ever had. The process included heating a cast iron pan to above 700 degrees, then using a thermometer gun to check. We then just put the steaks on the pan in the oven for just 90 seconds on each side. The result was a perfectly caramelized steak with lots of oak wood flavor – and was insanely yummy!

I am looking forward to trying a dessert pizza, maybe a Nutella banana one using my homemade copycat Nutella – YUM.

Here are the helpful pizza oven accessories we have and love:

The oven does not come with a pizza peel, but you’ll need one to insert and take out your pizza into and out of the oven. We purchased the 12-inch Ooni pizza peel (also currently on sale!) at the same time as purchasing the oven, and have had really liked it.
Our Ooni Kuru doesn’t have a temperature gauge on the pizza oven, so we bought this infrared temperature gun via Amazon to tell what temperature the oven is at — it’s super handy!
Buying the carry cover for our Karu pizza oven was a smart purchase because now we can easily transport it on the go when traveling thanks to the convenient handles.
We needed to upgrade to a nice pizza cutter, and this pizza rocker blade is the BEST. You can slice up pizza in one single motion and the toppings stay on! One of my favorite kitchen gadgets!

Interested in an Ooni pizza oven?

I can’t rave enough about this outdoor cooking device and highly recommend treating yourself to one or scooping one up as a sweet gift for someone else. ❤️

Here are all of the reasons why I also LOVE our Traeger smoker for outdoor cooking!

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