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Jeopardy! fans think Ryan Long had ‘unfair advantage’ over rival Aaron Gulyas during champ’s comeback for 11th win

Jeopardy! fans think Ryan Long had ‘unfair advantage’ over rival Aaron Gulyas during champ’s comeback for 11th win

JEOPARDY! fans think Ryan Long had an “unfair advantage” over his rival Aaron Gulyas during the champion’s comeback for his eleventh win.

Ryan won over Aaron after wagering a staggering $12,999 bet on the Final Jeopardy! question.

ABCJeopardy! champion Ryan Long won his 11th game last night after a shocking final question wager[/caption]

Fans think Ryan had an ‘unfair advantage’ over his opponent Aaron for his knowledge in sportsABC

Fans took to Reddit to discuss Ryan’s amazing comeback for his eleventh game racked up on his winning streak.

Although many fans felt Ryan had an unfair advantage over Aaron for the final question since Ryan is a big sports fan.

One fan wrote: “I think someone during lunch that day even said out loud, ‘Well, clearly Ryan’s areas of expertise are in sports, movies, and history.”

A second chimed in: “When the Final Jeopardy! for today got revealed, I knew he was going to go all-in.”

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A third agreed and wrote: “Once I saw the word ‘sports’ I knew he’d not be able to beat Ryan.”

Yet a fourth added: “It’s always interesting when two ‘wrong’ wagers make a right. It’s as if Ryan knew Aaron would wager low and just went for the max he could get.”

A final fan remarked: “I know it didn’t matter in the end because he didn’t get the answer right, but Aaron betting $0 on Final Jeopardy shocked the absolute heck out of me.”

They continued: “Basically punted and left the game completely in Ryan’s hands, which seemed like a really unwise strategy against a nine-day champion.”


Ryan wagered a massive $12,999 bet, placing his confidence in his answer to the Final Jeopardy! sports question.

With $25,999 in total winnings from the game, the ride-share driver’s fans are loving that he cruised ahead in the amazing finish.

Ryan’s opponent, Aaron, unfortunately, didn’t know the answer and wrote “Nature Boy Rick Flair.”

He wagered $0 on his answer even though he was initially ahead of Ryan in his winnings.

If Ryan hadn’t wagered so boldly he wouldn’t have won.

One fan Tweeted: “Nail biter!”

Another wrote: “Ryan went for broke Jeopardy!”

A third posted: “I cheered from the sofa when Ryan Long won again!”


Fans are loving Ryan’s big personality, big bets, and sincerely humble presence since his arrival on the show last Friday.

During his first Q&A, the contestant pumped out an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.

Since then, he’s shared he grew up watching the storied show with his mom, who thought “Alex Trebek was so handsome.”

He also shared he once worked on an “Amish farm,” and then noted: “People are gonna think I’m weird with all these stories.”

The broad-shouldered bet-maker also sweetly recanted he once fostered “four baby kittens” and “bottle-fed them” before his mom adopted them.

Ryan has indeed made some bold bets, he’s bet a huge $8000 on Daily Doubles multiple games last week as one fan on Twitter praised his gameplay: “8K Daily Double again. Nice bet, Ryan.”

But there’s more to the quiet quiz wiz than many may have expected.

Ryan told The Philadelphia Inquirer last week that he was living paycheck-to-paycheck for more than a year before flying to Culver City.

He also shared he only packed two dress shirts, because that’s all he could afford. 

Ryan said: “I didn’t study or anything. I probably should have perused something, but I just didn’t.”

Preparing flashcards or bringing books has reportedly been a consistent contestant move.

He continued: “I just kind of went in and did my thing.”

He also Tweeted during his first week: “In case if anybody’s wondering why I’m constantly squinting and adjusting during the game… it’s because my glasses are 3000 miles away, where they will do the most good.”

Thankfully, the specs appear to have been flown in – even if they’ve unfortunately fogged up a bit, his calm consistency hasn’t, and he also tweeted that the wardrobe department has been “mixing and matching” his shirts hinting he could be buttoned up for a few more.

Ryan sweetly told the outlet: “I want to take my kid fishing.:

He has an eight-year-old son whose bead necklace he wears on stage for good-luck on his winning streak.

Ryan shared: “If this opportunity hadn’t come up, I don’t know what I was going to do long-term.”

Ryan is now 12 games shy of Canadian tutor Mattea Roach’s 23-game streak that ended when she lost by $1 earlier this month.

He has gloriously hit the $200K mark along with Matt Amodio, Amy Schneider, Jonathan Fisher and Mattea all during Season 38.


Ken and Big Bang Theory‘s Mayim have been sharing hosting duties through this season and fans have been up in arms over who would be the best fit to host the show permanently.

The duo began filling in for the legendary Alex after his tragic 2020 passing and a fleet of Season 37 celebrity guest hosts, including now-disgraced Mike Richards.

The show’s ratings nearly doubled to 9.7M viewers when Ken made his first appearance.

When Mayim took over her hosting duties the headcount dropped to 5.9 million viewers during a college championship and dipped that low this week.

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Even Mattea stated after her run she wanted Ken to take over.

She told Vulture: “As a contestant, there is something really special about being on stage with the greatest player of all time.”

ABCEven Big Bang Theory actor and host Mayim Bialik said she was ‘nervous’ for Ryan and Aaron on his big win[/caption]

ABCInitially, Aaron was significantly ahead of Ryan in his winnings[/caption]

ABCRyan has been winning over fans with his personality as Mayim and Ken hosting drama continues[/caption]

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