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Wheel of Fortune fans spot contestant’s ‘mistake’ in ‘record-breaking’ final round on latest episode

Wheel of Fortune fans spot contestant’s ‘mistake’ in ‘record-breaking’ final round on latest episode

WHEEL of Fortune fans have spotted the winning contestant’s mistake in Thursday’s record-breaking final round.

Jinger’s bonus round win has given the game show a milestone moment, but viewers have pointed out an error from when she solved the puzzle.

ABCJinger was the seventh contestant to win the $100k bonus on Wheel of Fortune this season[/caption]

ABCFans pointed a mistake she made during the final round[/caption]

On Thursday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, contestant Jinger made it through to the bonus round after beating her fellow contestants and racking up an impressive $33,555.

She chose the “phrase” category, and was only able to guess one correct letter to add to the board.

As the unanswered puzzle sat on the screen, with Jinger staring at it, Host Pat Sajak took his time as he told her: “Well, um, the bad news is, none of the consonants are up there. 

“Just those two O’s. I don’t know.”

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Still dragging it out a bit, he suggested: “There’s the used letter board, you can—“

Jinger cut him off, though, and solved the puzzle, calling out: “On the bandwagon!”

Pat opened up the gold envelope to reveal she had won $100,000 for correctly solving the bonus puzzle, putting her total prize money at $133,555.

Wheel of Fortune fans pointed out that the contestant didn’t even wait until the timer began before calling out her answer.

One shocked fan tweeted: “No clock was ever started!”

They added that Pat had even shared an “admission” that he was even trying to help her out by “biding [her] some time” with a little delay.

“The clock didn’t even start,” another viewer pointed out, before saying it was “good for her.”

A third wrote: “She solved it as Pat was trying to comfort her because he thought it would be difficult.”

After winning, Jinger looked astonished as the confetti burst down.

“Or you can just solve the puzzle and that would be the easiest way to do it,” Pat told the winning player after she cut him off to quickly solve it.

He then demanded: “Don’t make the host look stupid!

“And then you win a hundred thousand dollars!”

He continued: “What is that? … What’s going on here?” 

Eventually, he congratulated Jinger as confetti continued to come down and her smiled continued to grow.

After they came back from a short break, Pat started right up again with how Jinger made him look bad.

“By the way, when the host says it’s going to be a difficult puzzle, try to make it look diffifcult,” he told her.” If you would please.”

She then explained, “I just blurted it out when it came to me,” before admitting to her error, “I had no idea the clock hadn’t even started.”

That’s when Pat owned up to his own little trick of trying to help her in the bonus round. 

“I was buying you a little time there with the clock, and you didn’t need it at all,” he said.

This victory made Jinger the seventh contestant of season 39 to win $100k.

That’s “the most $100,000 wins EVER in a single season of Wheel,” the show’s official Twitter revealed.

Fans of America’s Game were wild with excitement on social media, with one writing: “What a solve! Ginger wins the $100k!”

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A second wondered: “Anybody know if that was a record bonus round solve in terms of time?

“Safe to say, we’re all ‘on the bandwagon’, Jinger!”

ABCViewers noted she didn’t even wait for the clock to start before she gave her answer[/caption]

ABCFans also noticed host Pat Sajak admitted to ‘buying her time’ by delaying the clock[/caption]

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