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MTV star Amber Rosales slammed as a ‘cold-hearted MURDERER’ by sister-in-law after arrest for ‘killing’ her husband

MTV star Amber Rosales slammed as a ‘cold-hearted MURDERER’ by sister-in-law after arrest for ‘killing’ her husband

MTV STAR Amber Rosales has been slammed as a “cold-hearted murderer” by her sister-in-law after her arrest for “shooting and killing” her husband.

The Sun exclusively spoke with Katy McBride, the sister of the victim, the day after Amber was arrested under a murder warrant.

Denton County JailMTV star Amber Rosales has been slammed as a ‘cold-hearted murderer’ by her sister-in-law[/caption]

Jeff McBride/FacebookAmber has been arrested under a murder warrant for ‘shooting and killing’ her husband Jeffrey McBride, Katy’s younger brother[/caption]

Amber, 30, was arrested on the morning of May 25 as she is suspected of murdering her husband and Katy’s brother, Jeffrey, 31, on April 25.

Katy exclusively told The Sun: “It’s a pretty gross thing. I always kind of thought it was her, but part of you really hopes that someone that is supposed to love you or your family couldn’t do that.”

She continued: “It’s like I’m living in a true-crime podcast or something you’d see on Dateline. That is what this feels like. It’s unreal.”

Katy said: “I can’t even fathom why you think that you could shoot someone in the stomach and then make up a story and get away with it.”

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Jeffrey’s sister said she had thought: “Wow, [Amber’s] really that cold-hearted?”


Amber had her short-lived reality stardom on MTV’s Big Tips Texas in 2013 as she starred as a Redneck Haven waitress and bartender.

Her catchphrase on the show was: “Butta my a** and call me a biscuit.”

The show ran for only fourteen episodes before being canceled.

Katy told The Sun: “I don’t want to get her 15 minutes of fame back. She had her 15 minutes.”

Katy expressed she was “angry at MTV” and felt as if they had to share a part of the blame in her brother’s death.

She said: “MTV has been exploiting people who are obviously in need of some type of help for ratings and paying them gives them monetary incentive to make bad decisions.”


Katy also told The Sun it was difficult for Jeffrey’s family to obtain the rights to his body from Amber.

Since Amber is the next of kin, Katy said she initially got full rights to Jeffrey’s body and “wanted to have an open-casket funeral.”

Katy shared that Amber didn’t sign the rights to the body in time and the funeral arrangement responsibilities fell to Jeffrey’s parents.

Jeffrey’s memorial service was held on May 7th in Texas.

Katy shared she has also struggled to have Jeff’s clothing and belongings returned to the family from Amber’s home, even after her arrest on Wednesday.

Amber is still in the custody of Jeffrey’s belongings, despite being in jail on a $500,000 bond.

Katy explained: “It’s really gross to think about someone who murdered someone else having that much control. She wanted that control.”

She continued: “Insane, that she wanted to keep my dead brother’s clothing.

“Talk about the level of control and just one more punch in the gut to me.”

Katy concluded: “The whole thing is bizarre to me. My goal is to keep her off the streets and keep my community safe.”


Katy told The Sun that victim Jeffrey and Amber had met in a grocery store in February of this year.

Between then and April, Katy said she noticed many “red flags” and strange behavior from Jeffrey.

She told The Sun that Jeffrey was extremely close and “tight-knit” with his family, including her 16-year-old daughter, and would “call every day.”

Katy noticed after Jeffrey started dating Amber, that the daily communication dwindled down to a five-minute phone call “about every other week.”

She said Jeffrey “wasn’t very active on social media,” but he would call her on Facebook messenger to get in touch and made comments about his phone “not working.”

Although Katy said she didn’t approve of Amber dating her younger brother because of the star’s past, she still “tried to support Jeff” as he defended Amber.

Jeffrey told Katy he wanted to help her “get her life together.”

Amid the “whirlwind romance,” the couple rushed down to the courthouse in Denton County, Texas, to get hitched on April 21, only four days before Jeffrey was murdered.

Katy shared the Justice of the Peace wedding photos exclusively with The Sun.

Jeffrey and Amber stood side by side beside the American flag and the Texas state flag.

Amber wore tall stiletto heels and a black cocktail dress as Jeffrey wore a light chambray button-up with his arm around Amber’s shoulder.

They both smiled at the camera and appeared happy.

In a second photo, the pair leaned in for a kiss, their arms wrapped around each other’s waists.

Katy claimed none of Jeffrey’s family knew about his plans to marry Amber.

Amber’s case is still pending with the DA’s office and she has not yet been assigned an attorney or a court.


Amber was arrested on the morning of May 25 as she is suspected for murdering Jeffrey on April 25.

The Sun previously reported that Denton County police records said Amber fatally shot Jeffrey inside of a pickup truck as they drove down a road.

Officers responded to two 911 calls: the initial call was made by Amber herself as she told dispatchers her husband had “just been shot.”

The second was made by a witness who reported a pickup truck had “just crashed in the yard of a residence.”

When police arrived on site, Jeffrey was unconscious and occupying the driver’s seat.

According to the local news outlet Denton Record-Chronicle, the arrest affidavit said Amber was beside him in the passenger seat “crying and touching McBride.”

Amber told police on the scene that Jeffrey intended on “doing a drug deal” and that “it went badly.”

Starcasm, who initially reported on Amber’s arrest, said she told officers her husband stopped the truck to talk to a man.

The report stated Amber told officers the third-party male “shot at the victim [Jeffrey] from the passenger side door, wiped the gun, tossed it into the vehicle where it landed on the floor and then fled on foot.”

The reality star also told police the man had stolen the weapon from Jeffrey’s family home.

Amber then told police Jeffrey’s foot hit the accelerator, causing the pickup truck to crash into the nearby yard.


However, an on-site officer noticed “scratches on her left and right arm” and that her “right pinkie finger was swollen.”

Amber could allegedly not explain the scratches and claimed her finger was broken from “struggling for the revolver.”

The affidavit also noticed differences in Amber’s story from when she was interviewed on-site to what she told more officers down at the station.

At first, she claimed the weapon was a pistol, then later said it was a revolver.

Police found the revolver in the front passenger side floorboard where Amber had been sitting.

Additionally, no surveillance footage in the area showed the truck stopping at any point nor a sign of a male fleeing on foot.

The Denton Record-Chronicle shared the affidavit that stated Jeffrey “sustained a single gunshot wound to his right side and the only person in the vehicle that could have fired the weapon was [Amber] and not an unknown male.”

Amber was arrested from her home on Wednesday morning under the charge of suspected murder.

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This afternoon, Amber was given a second charge of “false accusation on Leo for sexual battery.”

Amber was still on probation from an open case in Florida, and the judge ruled Amber’s arrest Wednesday morning as a violation.

Courtesy Katy McBrideKaty exclusively shared with The Sun chilling details behind Amber and Jeffrey’s courthouse wedding four days before his death[/caption]

Courtesy Kat McBrideKaty also shared the struggles the family has endured over the past month, including his body and funeral rights initially going to Amber[/caption]

MTVAmber had a second charge added for violating her probation from another case in Florida[/caption]

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