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My Favorite Thrift Store Finds and Items I’ll Always Shop First!

My Favorite Thrift Store Finds and Items I’ll Always Shop First!

Thrift stores are an excellent way to recycle and save money! Here are my fave finds and strategies for shopping in thrift stores.

Get thrifty and save money using my thrift store shopping tips!

We love a good deal around here, and you can find a treasure trove of savings when you shop at thrift stores. I have always been a fan of scoring name-brand quality essentials for my family through thrifting and think it’s such a great way to save money!

Plus, I think it’s honestly fun to see how cheap you can score certain items, while also saving them from the landfill.

At thrift stores you can find everything from housewares, clothing, small appliances, sporting goods, home decor, seasonal decor, books, and more at a fraction of the price of traditional stores. Plus, sometimes the items you’ll find are brand new!

Here are some real-life thrift store finds from my local Goodwill, and what I personally like to look at first to buy.

1. Housewares

Skip the expensive retail price by snagging home essentials for much less! I always head straight to housewares in any thrift store for any unique bowls or serving platters, etc. I have found expensive stainless steel pans that look brand new, as well as cast iron cookware, and all kinds of tools you’d need in the kitchen.

Vintage mixing bowls are my latest obsession! I love collecting those unique items for my home and to use in my job for food photography. As an example, this huge R.Ransbottom vintage pottery bowl is a recent find and priced at just $5.49. I spotted the same one for resale online for almost $200!

This bowl lives a happy life in my hutch and will be great to make a large salad in this summer.

I also have quite a few vintage milk glass pieces that I’ve collected over the years from various thrift stores. When you display milk glass finds together, I think it looks so beautiful!

Hip Tip: My thrift store has an email list to get an additional 20% off coupon when you spend over $20. They also have days when certain tags are $1 and certain days when seniors get an extra discount so pay attention to any signage up front!

2. Thrift Store Furniture

Thrift stores could easily pass for furniture showrooms with the vast amount of tables, dressers, couches, and chairs available. Whether you love vintage pieces or need a subject for a DIY project, you can score some hefty savings by thrifting!

As an example, I spotted this wood kitchen table for just $34! The chairs were $14/each and are super sturdy. I think that is a great set, and a person could even refinish or paint it for a fresh look!

3. Thrift Store Clothes

Notice those designer jean labels? ? You can find designer products for an insane fraction of the cost compared to buying from a department store or the designer directly. Plus, It’s a great way to try out trends and more eclectic styles so you don’t spend a fortune on something designer only to have it go out of fashion the next year.

As just one example, I spotted multiple pairs of designer Citizen of Humanity jeans for under $10! They are priced at around $200 at Nordstrom.

4. Thrift Store Books

Attention bookworms—if you aren’t shopping thrift store shelves for books, you’re missing out on cheap paperbacks and hardcovers! Why pay retail when you can get a gently used version for less?

You’ll find a massive selection with everything from self-help to romance to gripping novels you simply can’t put down. On this day I spotted the classic BHG New Cook Book, which every kitchen should have!

5. Dinnerware

Thrift stores are full of pretty plates and bowls! If you host a lot, you can keep your cupboards stocked with a fun dishware collection of platters and serving trays. If you or someone you know is moving into a new place and needs dishes, this is the first place I’d look!

I spotted these Food Network brand basket weave plates for just $1.49 and $2.49 for the larger. They sell for $13.99/each on replacements.com!

6. Small Kitchen Appliances

I see coffee makers, waffle makers, bread makers, ice cream makers, and food savers all the time at my local thrift shop. Some of them look like they’ve hardly been used! This large programmable casserole Crock-Pot slow cooker looked brand new and was priced at just $17. I found a similar one for around $70 on Amazon.com.

Hip Tip: Be sure to check out your store’s return policy in case something doesn’t work. Sometimes I will plug in items at the store before I leave to make sure it turns on and actually works.

7. Unique and Vintage Home Decor

I love shopping for fun treasures to utilize in my home at thrift stores because they can be so different and unexpected. You can honestly find so many items from the past no one else will have! For instance, I picked up this wood and gold decor piece recently and plan to do something fun — maybe paint it black and white for a fresh look!

Check out this monkey-carved coconut that my teammate Sara recently scored for her home! It holds incense sticks. It’s details like this that can create a cozy personalized space and I am all for it!

8. Coffee Mugs and Glassware

Where are my coffee mug hoarders at?? If you love to collect mugs, thrift stores are a FUN and inexpensive place to add to your cupboard. You can find beautiful pottery mugs and cute vintage ones too. Pictured above is a cute new Threshold mug from Target for just $1.49!

And, if you’re looking to stock your home with drinking glasses, wine glasses, martini glasses, and even margarita glasses, head to the thrift store for some great inexpensive finds! These adorable cactus ones were just 99¢.

9. Seasonal Items

Seasonal decor and kitchen items are smart to seek out during off-times when no one else is looking for them. This adorable Easter wreath was just $6.49 at my store. I am always spotting expensive Christmas plates and tree ornaments throughout the year too.

Thrifting is fun and hip!

Sure, you may need to take your finds home and give them a good wash first, but all in all, I have some pretty amazing finds in my home that I use every day! This cute vintage breadbox, pictured above, is repurposed as a catch-all that we keep keys, cell phones, and change in to hide counter clutter.
Let us know in the comments if you’ve scored any great finds lately thrifting! 

See how I transformed some thrift store vases into a stylish centerpiece!

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