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Jamie Oliver children: How many kids does he have with wife Jools?

Jamie Oliver children: How many kids does he have with wife Jools?

JAMIE Oliver is one of the most well known celebrity chefs in the UK.

Here’s a look at the chef’s expanding family with his wife Jools.

Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools have five kidsjoolsholland/Instagram

How many children do Jools and Jamie Oliver have?

Jamie and Jools met at just 17 years old in their hometown of Essex.

The pair wed in 2000 and together they share five children.

They had their eldest child, Poppy, when they were 27.

The couple welcomed their youngest son and last child River back in 2016.

What are the names of Jamie and Jools Oliver’s children?

Poppy Honey

Uni student Poppy Honey is the eldest Oliver kidInstagram

Poppy was born on March 18, 2002.

The teenager is currently studying at university.

After she headed off to uni in 2020, her mum Jools posted an emotional Instagram post to her eldest daughter, saying that “every bone in my body misses you, that’s the only way to describe it”.


Daisy Boo

Daisy Boo is the second child of the Oliver familyInstagram

Next we have Daisy who was born on April 10, 2003.

On her 18th birthday, dad Jamie wrote: Jamie wrote: “Happy 18th birthday to my second child Daisy xxxx Where has my little girl gone?? What a journey it’s been!

“You’re such an amazing kind bonkers young lady me and mum absolutely adore you… happy birthday babe xxx let’s hope this summer is more normal & fun packed for everyone much love dad x x x x.”

Petal Blossom

Petal Blossom is the third bornInstagram

Petal was born in April 2009.

Just like her older sisters, she looks just like her mum.

In fact, fans often comment how much she looks like Jools when her doting mum posts pictures of her daughter.

Buddy Bear

Buddy Bear (right) is the eldest son – seen here with his brother River RocketInstagram

Buddy Bear was born in September 2010.

He is the first son of the Oliver family and came six years before his brother River.

According to his mum he is a keen surfer.

River Rocket

joolsholland/Instagram Last but not least, River[/caption]

Little River Rocket is the youngest child of the Oliver family.

He was born in August 2016.

On his fifth birthday dad Jamie paid tribute to him with a sweet Facebook post.

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