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Candy Can Gummy Bags Only $1 Shipped | Improve Sleep, Focus, or Immunity

Candy Can Gummy Bags Only $1 Shipped | Improve Sleep, Focus, or Immunity

Who says candy can’t be a little healthier 😉 🙌🏼 …

Everyone loves a good candy deal and right now Candy Can Gummies is offering one of our favorites yet! For a limited time, you can score $1 sample bags of Candy Can Gummies + free shipping! Note by ordering these sample bags you are also enrolling in an auto-shipment service subscription. You can, however, order as many sample bags as you want for just $1 each in your initial package.

If you’ve got a hankering for something sweet, let Candy Can do a little extra for you! Their healthier gummy bears are gluten-free, plant-based, high in fiber, and contain just 2 grams of sugar in the entire bag, so you can finish it off guilt-free! 😂

Plus, with new Sleep, Focus, and Immunity options you can choose the pack that benefits your unique health needs!

Note that once you make your initial purchase and set up your subscription, you can cancel or pause this subscription at any time by logging into your account and updating your subscription information.

Looking to fall asleep faster? Need a little midday pick-me-up? There’s a Candy Can for that! Check out these functional formulas:

Candy Can Sleep Gummies– These fruity gummies are loaded with L-Theanine, Ashwagandha, and GABA that produce a calming effect to help you fall asleep faster!
Candy Can Focus Gummies– These sour gummy bears contain Coffeeberry and Lion’s Mane extract- an organic formula that helps improve mental clarity, memory, and your ability to concentrate. Basically, one bag gives you the same energized, caffeinated effect as half a cup of coffee, but much tastier! 😋
Candy Can Immunity Gummies– Get your daily vitamins from these gummy bears, but without the extra calories and sugar! They’re packed with elderberry, turmeric, vitamin C, vitamin D, and black pepper!

Hip Sidekick, Chelsey, had this to say about Candy Can gummies…

I am a gummy bear Queen- so these Candy Can gummies just speak to me! Plus, I try my best to steer clear of those empty candy calories whenever possible 😩 so when I learned that I could snack on the WHOLE bag with just two guilt grams of sugar- I was totally SOLD (and I definitely finished the bag my first go-around 😂).

I love all three options! I tried the Focus gummies one workday when I was truly feeling sluggish one day, but it was too warm (thanks AZ) to brew a cup of coffee! I love that these gummy bears are a little sour- that alone wakes you up a little and the texture is not too squishy. Upon finishing the bag, I could definitely tell that I was more energized, and got to satisfy my sweet tooth without the guilt!

The immunity gummies (also sour) are super tasty with fun raspberry, blackberry, and GOJI berry flavors! I love that they have less sugar and less net carbs than even your typical gummy vitamins. Now I can say I have a reason to eat a little candy from time to time!

This sample offer is SUCH a sweet deal, plus it’s a great way to try these gummies out before purchasing more!

Here’s how to snag your sample packs for just $1 SHIPPED:

Head here
Select your gummy bear pack(s) and you will automatically be redirected to checkout.
Enter your info, select continue to shipping (FREE)
Enter your payment
DONE- enjoy Candy Can gummies for just $1 shipped to your door!

Note thereafter, you will be charged $30 for a full-size case of 8 bags of gummies every 21 days unless you adjust or cancel your subscription. These full-size cases start shipping 3 weeks after your initial purchase. You can add products or adjust your subscription at any time by logging into your account.

Still not sold? Check out these great reviews…

I’m a serious night snacker. However, since I started having CandyCan sleep as my post-dinner treat, I haven’t felt the need to eat 3+ desserts! I love the flavors of the gummies, and just a few in, I feel the sleepiness kick in. Once my head hits the pillow I’m out until the next morning. Then I get to do it all over again the next night.

I bought a 12-pack of sleep gummies for my wife and me. We had to stop ourselves from eating them all in one sitting because of how tasty they are. We eventually got into the routine of eating them as a low-calorie (only 60 calories per bag!) “dessert”, which is a great way to satisfy the late-night sweet tooth while also getting into a relaxed state (thank you melatonin!) before going to sleep. Will definitely be reordering once we run out. Highly recommended!

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