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The Games star Olivia Attwood breaks down ahead of javelin throw as she opens up about struggles

The Games star Olivia Attwood breaks down ahead of javelin throw as she opens up about struggles

OLIVIA Attwood broke down during Wednesday night’s episode of The Games as she opened up about “playing a character”.

The Love Island star, 31, admitted that since finding fame on the ITV2 show she’s struggled to show people the real her.

itvOlivia broke down as she opened up about ‘playing a character’[/caption]

Ahead of competing in the javelin on the sporting reality show, Olivia said: “Today’s been the hardest day for me so far, mentally.

“I’m trying to talk to myself and remember the reason why I signed up – I love sport.”

Olivia continued: “Since Love Island I am myself but I do also play a character that people have bought into.

“There’s layers to everyone and there’s layers to me that people who’ve watched me won’t have seen because I don’t let anyone see them.”

Overcome with emotion Olivia put her head in her hands as she started crying.

She added: “At school I was streams ahead of everyone in every discipline. I feel like now I’m not the top of this group.

“It’s a very exposing experience”

Olivia previously told The Sun she feared she’d have to pull out of the show after injuring her shoulder during a dive.

She said: “Tonight is swimming which is my strongest event and if I can swim like I do in training then it’s probably one I would medal in, but it all depends on how I feel today and what the doctor says. 

“At the moment I can’t extend my arm straight and so it all depends on whether we can get the arm straight in time.

“My shoulder is being monitored all the time, but if I had to pull out now it would be heart-breaking after spending all this time training. I want to be part of it.”

The former Love Island star confessed she felt ‘exposed’

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