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Inside Kourtney Kardashian’s nanny Leah’s adorable home featuring a polaroid pic-covered refrigerator & cozy living room

Inside Kourtney Kardashian’s nanny Leah’s adorable home featuring a polaroid pic-covered refrigerator & cozy living room

KOURTNEY Kardashian’s nanny, Leah Barr, has given her followers a look inside of her LA home.

The house has a cozy living room and a fridge filled with adorable polaroid pictures.

TikTokLeah standing in front of her fridge filled with polaroid pictures[/caption]

TikTokLeah in a recent Tiktok video showing off her house[/caption]

Leah shared a Tiktok video of herself after she started cleaning her house.

“Does anybody else start cleaning, pull everything out, look at the mess and be like, ‘Ok, I’m done?” she asked.

“Because that’s where I’m at. You ready?” the 20-something continued.

Kourtney‘s nanny then got up and aimed the camera at her floor, where there were boxes and a vacuum just laying on the floor.



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Leah panned the camera to the rest of the room, which showed a cozy white couch, pictures on the wall, and a chessboard.

“At least when I cry my eyes get really green,” she said as she put her eyes up to the camera.

“Maybe I’ll take a selfie in this lighting. Ya know,” Leah finished as she stepped back and put up a peace sign.

She wore a brown baseball cap, a brown tank top, Capri leggings, and tan sandals as her hair was in two pigtail braids.

But what most people were interested in was her house.

Her walls in her living room were painted white and the floors were wooden.

She had a throw rug under her couch and a desk across from wicker chairs.

Plants and pictures take up space in the LA house.


Leah has shared videos in the past of her home, including her kitchen.

In a video that she captured “proving I’m a wife,” she cooked food on the spacious, speckled countertop.

TikTokLeah cooking in her kitchen[/caption]

She showed off her air fryer by GoWise USA and an adorable array of polaroid pictures on her fridge, with pictures filling 3/4 of the appliance.

Her stove, microwave, which only had two slots, and fridge didn’t look to be designer or anything fancy.

She has white cabinets above her appliances that open with tan knobs.

Leah’s kitchen is almost equipped with a black cabinet filled with alcohol and glasses.


TikTokLeah in her bedroom, equipped with a flatscreen TV and closet[/caption]

TikTokShe showed off her dresser, which has hats resting on it[/caption]

She posted another video a few days ago that showed off part of her bedroom.

While dancing to Lizzo’s About D**n Time, she spun and changed outfits.

Her bedroom floor was hardwood and her cream-colored walls had a flatscreen TV on them.

Leah has a clothes and purse rack on the back of her door and a dresser with at least nine drawers in it.

The dresser has lots of hats and accessories strewn across it.

Her comforter is a dark green and her bed rises off the floor.

In the second half of the video, it looks as though she has cabinets above her closet, which slides open.

In another video, you can see that Leah has fluffy pillows on her bed and a picture of a bull above it.

A floor lamp sits next to her TV and a white ceiling fan is above her bed.

On the other side of the room, next to her bed, is a dog bed for her bulldog, and plain white walls.

A tiny table is placed next to her bed that holds a lot of things.

The room also has brown shelves with various items on them and floor shelves as well that look to hold skincare and other products.


The garage seems to be the only part of the house that isn’t finished.

Leah posted a video of herself working out on her Peloton in her garage.

Although the garage is mostly wooden beams and a floor that’s not finished, she does have workout equipment, a bike, and a floor lamp in it.

Even though it has a door for cars, there is not a car placed in it.

It also has a smaller door on the side and a cathedral ceiling.


Leah has an adorable bulldog that is tan and white and lives with her in her house.

While showing off her pooch, she gave her followers a glimpse into her backyard.

It has a tiny white fence, trees, a shed, and chairs in the back under the trees to provide shade.

In a separate video, Leah shows off her small front porch, a blue door, and plants on the porch.


While doing her night routine, Leah showed off her all-white bathroom.

Her shower has sliding doors that are see-through and the tub is marble, as well as the sink and counter.


Although Leah lives a pretty luxurious life including designer clothes, Cabo trips, Peletons, and more, her house is not super fancy.

With her hard-earned money, Leah recently bought a 2022 Jeep Wrangler, which starts at $44k.

It was revealed during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, that Kourtney’s nanny felt “degraded” by her after she started yelling at her.

Kim and Khloe confronted her as it is said that they treat their nannies like family.

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Leah takes care of Kourtney’s kids- Mason, Penelope, and Reign.

She often accompanies them on trips as well as does Tiktok with them,

TikTokLeah Barr doing a Tiktok with Kourtney’s kids[/caption]

TikTokLeah Barr shows off her living room after attempting to clean[/caption]

Instagram / Kourtney KardashianKourtney Kardashian goes horse riding on the beach with her kids in Los Cabos, Mexico[/caption]

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