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$100 Off Butcher Box Subscription for New Members + FREE Ground Beef for Life

$100 Off Butcher Box Subscription for New Members + FREE Ground Beef for Life

My honest Butcher Box review is everything you need to know about this popular meat delivery service!

Hungry carnivores will love my honest Butcher Box review! 🤤

Butcher Box meat delivery is a convenient way to stock the freezer with high-quality organic meat and fish without leaving the house! Butcher Box is a meat subscription service that delivers frozen meat directly to your door, so you can spend more time and energy cooking fresh, homemade meals instead of grocery shopping.

If you’ve been thinking about trying Butcher Box meat delivery, this post is for you! Butcher Box sent me a variety box of meat and fish so that I could share my honest Butcher Box review with all of you.

Better yet, first-time subscribers can save a total of $100 off when they use promo code LASTCHANCE100 at checkout! You’ll score $20 off your first FIVE boxes and free shipping on every box!

Now’s the perfect time to join Butcher Box as you’ll also get 2 lbs of grass-fed ground beef in every shipment for the life of your membership!

Through July 24th, Butcher Box is offering two free pounds of humanely-raised 100% grass-fed, grass-finished ground beef for free in every regular ButcherBox order for the life of membership!

Combined with the $100 discount mentioned above, you can save BIG on multiple boxes and get free meat during your membership!

Even sweeter, you’ll have multiple boxes to choose from and prices start as low as $99 – that mean’s you can pay as low as $79 shipped for your first Butcher Box with the coupon! 🙌🏼

Click through this link to score FREE ground beef for life and find the box that’s best for you!

If you’re a fan of high-quality, humanely-raised meat, you will especially be interested in this meat delivery service!

Butcher Box works with meat processing facilities with the highest standards for quality is the highest priority for Butcher Box. They want to work with partners that believe in fair labor practices and seek partners who treat their employees as part of a team.

If sustainably raised meat is important to your family, Butcher Box could be a convenient option to consider!

Everything comes nicely delivered in individually wrapped packaging boxed together on dry ice so it’s super frozen and cold! I simply transferred everything to our deep freezer outside so I could pull from it during the week to cook homemade meals.

Hip Tip: Curious about upright freezers vs. chest freezers? Check out this helpful post about the best freezers!

I tried the “Custom Box” which is a monthly subscription box priced at $159 and comes with 9-14 pounds of meat/seafood delivered. You can actually pick from 6 of 25 different cuts of meat to customize your order each month. It breaks down to approximately $4.95 per serving. You can skip a month of meat delivery or choose every other month if desired.

Now for the yummy part! Let’s talk about the delicious & easy meals I made using my Butcher Box! I’ll be sharing the cuts of meat I personally tasted and how I prepared them.

1.) Butcher Box Pork Spareribs

We loved these pork ribs! There was very little fat, yet they came out tender and juicy. You could tell they were super high-quality and tasted great.

BBQ ribs are one of the easiest weeknight meals EVER! I just throw defrosted ribs into the Crockpot using some BBQ seasoning and a little broth. After about 6 hours, they are so tender and I can throw them in the oven with some BBQ sauce to get caramelized and YUMMY.

2.) Butcher Box Ribeye Steaks

Steak is a favorite in my house, and these did not disappoint! They turned out super tender and had a great overall taste and texture. 🥩

I prepared them using my favorite cast iron method where you heat up a cast-iron skillet super hot, sear the steaks, and then finish them in the broiler. It gives steak such a mouthwatering crust on the outside while keeping it nice and tender on the inside. Go to Hip2Keto for all the details on cast iron steaks!

By the way, leftover steak with eggs is the best! Such a filling breakfast or even lunch idea, and super easy to throw together.

3.) Butcher Box Uncured Bacon

This uncured applewood smoked bacon cooked up super crispy and was delicious. It’s free of nitrates, and we fried it in a skillet to make BLT sandwiches for the family one day. It had a great flavor without being too salty or fatty. I am calling this bacon perfection. 🥓

4.) Butcher Box Chicken Tenders

These chicken tenders are in leak-proof packaging (which I appreciate!) and they turned out fantastic. They baked up crispy on the outside and tender on the inside and were my kids’ favorite meal.

As an easy meal idea, I dunked the chicken tenders in an egg mixture then breaded them with Italian breadcrumbs mixed with Everything But the Bagel seasoning, and baked them in the oven after spraying with coconut oil. These chicken tenders are so good and flavorful! My family was a BIG FAN of this meal idea.

5.) Butcher Box Ground Beef

This 85/15 grass-fed ground beef has a mix of sirloin and chuck and crumbles up nicely for yummy tacos, chili, sloppy joes, or any meal using ground beef, with a clean robust taste.

I feel like tacos are a weeknight staple in my house! I just cooked my Butcher Box ground beef with some taco seasoning and served it on corn tortillas with cheese, radish, cilantro, and onion. 🌮 YUM!

6.) Butcher Box Salmon

This wild-caught salmon turned out so tasty and flaky! I am sometimes hesitant about making salmon at home and this was restaurant quality with great flavor and texture.

I prepared my salmon using my air fryer for the first time ever, and I’m excited to say using the air fryer makes some YUMMY salmon! I love the caramelized top and tender flaky inside of the fish. It only took about 6-7 minutes at 390 degrees to cook this salmon. I coated it first with olive oil and seasoned it with lemon pepper, paprika, and salt.

Is the Butcher Box meat delivery service worth the money?

Honestly, everything we tried tasted great from Butcher Box! You can tell each cut of meat and fish is high-quality. If you happen to have some room in your budget for a high-quality protein that is sustainably raised, then I vote YES! I was pretty impressed and I’m thinking you will be too.

However, if you don’t have wiggle room in your grocery budget, this box may not be for you or might be something to consider for special occasions. It makes for a great gift idea as well if you’re running out of ideas for the person who has everything!

If you enjoy eating grass-fed, organic food that’s raised in a thoughtful way, then Butcher Box meat delivery could be a great subscription to consider investing in. It’s obviously not the least expensive way to buy meat, but it’s the convenience of filling the freezer with high-quality meat and fish which makes it worth it. I hope my Butcher Box review gave you more insight into trying out this yummy service!

These offers are available for a limited time, so if you’re considering trying out Butcher Box, now’s the time to do sign up!

Go HERE to sign up for your first Butcher Box and get $100 off AND free ground beef for life!

Our readers LOVE Butcher Box as well…

I have been getting Butcher Box for over a year now. I was fortunate to have signed up a couple of months before the quarantine started. It has been so nice to get high-quality meat delivered to our door especially since I live with someone that is high risk so we are tightly quarantined to the point that we do not go to the grocery store. It was especially helpful when the local stores were running out of meat. Also, they OFTEN offer specials and freebies to members which are really nice. I belong to a local CSA for produce but their meat prices are more than Butcher Box so that isn’t a better option for us. Best of all, the flavor of the meats is SO good! Hip reader, Suzanne H

Love Butcherbox and I must say that they are amazing when it comes to customer service. If you ever have a problem with your delivery they will make it right. They have proven this time and time again. I highly recommend them. Hip reader, Kim Barnett

I live in a place where it is super expensive to do a meat CSA or buy at the farmer’s market, and I don’t have a chest freezer. I have purchased ground beef for life, bacon for life, and now wings for life. I get 6 boxes per year and supplement with organic chicken from Publix and grass-fed beef from Aldi. If I could buy half a cow or something similar (had a deep freezer), local might be worth it. Otherwise, I am a butcher box for life person here! Hip reader, Shelly

I love Butcher Box! I looked into local farmers but many were not humanely raised and were not grass-fed and grass-finished like Butcher Box which I have to have because of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. I think it’s great quality meat and the prices are good. Hip reader, Keliannsaves

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