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  • Going Places: A Conversation with Lee Abbamonte
    by Amanda Wowk on May 18, 2022 at 11:03 am

    Going Places is a new series from TripIt that highlights frequent travelers to showcase their unique travel styles and insider tips.  For world-record holder Lee Abbamonte, picking where to travel to next is not only about the destination, it’s also about deciding how to get there, who to invite, the time of year, and weighing variables like: should he spend points and miles, or cash? Does he want to rent a car, or rely on ride shares?  All of these factors matter when you’ve already visited every country in the world—and you’re the youngest American to ever do so.  Of course, there are myriad other variables to consider when traveling during a pandemic. “Before COVID-19, I would travel internationally to 30 or more countries per year,” shared Lee. “Due to the uncertainty around travel restrictions, I took just three international trips in the past two years. But, in the meantime, I’ve traveled a lot more domestically—and thought about what’s next on my bucket list.”  So, what are those bucket-list destinations at the top of his list? “Tripoli, Libya; and Socotra, an island off the coast of Yemen.”  Lee is no stranger to getting off the beaten path when he travels—even … The post Going Places: A Conversation with Lee Abbamonte appeared first on TripIt Blog.

  • TripIt Data Shows One-Third of Memorial Day Weekend 2022 Flights Headed Abroad 
    by TripIt on May 10, 2022 at 2:00 pm

    The start of the summer travel season in the U.S., better known as Memorial Day weekend, is always a heavily trafficked holiday. And despite soaring prices, our data shows that this year will be as busy as ever.  TripIt analyzed U.S. origin flight, rental car, lodging, and vacation rental reservations made by our TripIt users for Memorial Day weekend 2022 and compared the findings to the equivalent booking period in 2021.   We found that, whether it’s due to the mask mandate being lifted, falling COVID-19 infection rates, or just plain old spring fever, travelers will be out with a vengeance. All the categories that we analyzed show significant increases compared to last year’s volume, though some more than others. International travel will see the largest increase by far with nearly a third of all fliers heading overseas and close to a 500 percent increase compared to last year. Memorial Day weekend 2022 seems to be both the official start of summer, and the unofficial return of the international vacation.  Current Percentage of Flight Reservations Compared to Year Prior 2022 Flights (All) 2022 Flights(Domestic) 2022 Flights(Int’l) 2022 Car Rentals 2022 Lodging 2022 Vacation Rentals Compared to 2021 253% 207% 466% 191% … The post TripIt Data Shows One-Third of Memorial Day Weekend 2022 Flights Headed Abroad  appeared first on TripIt Blog.

  • Dear Jen: Tips for International, Business, and Greener Trips 
    by TripIt on May 5, 2022 at 11:20 am

    Dear Jen is a new series from TripIt that asks Jen Moyse, vice president of product for TripIt from Concur, for her best advice when it comes to travel these days. Jen spends her time focused on solving problems for busy travelers, and as an avid traveler herself, she is intimately familiar with the current state of travel and how to best prepare for the ever-changing landscape.   Check out her latest tips, including how to approach international travel, travel insurance, road trips, sustainable travel, and more below. Need advice? Submit your questions for Jen at the end.  DEAR JEN: It’s been a while since I’ve traveled, and while I’ve kept up somewhat on COVID-19 protocols, things seem to be changing again. What do I need to know before my trip in May? – IT’S BEEN A WHILE  Dear It’s Been a While: Masks are coming down, and many places are starting to lift COVID-19 mandates, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any restrictions at all—especially for those who are unvaccinated. You should still check the status at your destination and keep an eye on things like infection rates, as new variants could cause spikes in some regions. Depending on your … The post Dear Jen: Tips for International, Business, and Greener Trips  appeared first on TripIt Blog.

  • 5 Tips for Booking Budget-Friendly Air Travel
    by Kyle Potter on May 4, 2022 at 11:26 am

    TripIt is teaming up with our friends at Thrifty Traveler, a site that helps you travel more for less, to share ideas for booking budget-friendly air travel. You’ve probably been hearing a lot about how summer travel is heating up—and forecasted to be at levels we haven’t seen since the start of the pandemic. While we’re excited to see travelers returning to the skies, we also know they’re going to be up against some challenges, including increased airfare prices and demand. There’s no question flights are more expensive right now than they’ve been in years. That’s why we’ve rounded up five ways to book budget-friendly air travel—to help you plan a trip now (or down the road) that leaves some travel funds left over for your next adventure, too.  1. Follow the flight-first rule The flight-first rule is exactly what it sounds like—search for flights before you block off your calendar, book hotels, reserve a rental car, or plan, well, anything. If you give yourself the flexibility to shift plans by a day or two, you can often find major savings by letting the price guide your booking dates. This is the key to finding the biggest savings on travel, … The post 5 Tips for Booking Budget-Friendly Air Travel appeared first on TripIt Blog.

  • Going Places: A Conversation with Afrostylicity
    by Amanda Wowk on April 28, 2022 at 11:06 am

    Going Places is a new series from TripIt that highlights frequent travelers to showcase their unique travel styles and insider tips.  Every traveler has their own preferences when it comes to taking a trip. Some prefer to travel in a group; others prefer their own company—and the freedom to roam as they please. But when it comes to traveling as a couple, Joy and Hugh Zei—AKA, Afrostylicity—have found a balancing act that works for them.  Whether it’s tackling their ever-growing bucket list or brainstorming ideas for their Instagram, this Dallas, Texas-based duo works together to create content—and memories—on every trip they take.  Partners in life, business, and travel Before Joy met her husband, Hugh, she took mostly solo trips. She found that she really enjoyed that style of travel over, say, group trips. “Sometimes group travel can be frustrating because people want to sleep in, or not take advantage of the short amount of time you’re in a destination,” shared Joy. “There can be a lot of competing priorities when it comes to group trips, so I found I preferred the freedom of solo travel.” But now, Joy favors traveling with Hugh over any other kind of trip. “We have … The post Going Places: A Conversation with Afrostylicity appeared first on TripIt Blog.

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